Cat in the hat

( Or should I say Peacock in the hat :-) )
If I wait for the rain to stop, I'm gonna wait forever. Or at least it seems so. I took my chance with an outdoor post and I must say I was pretty lucky because as soon as I've finished with taking these photos, the rain started to pour. 
 For today I matched a bordeaux Liz Claiborne hat with a grey shirt with peacock on it (I found it in a no name store and it cost about 3.5 eur, unbelievable) and striped Pimkie trousers I bought in Spain a couple of years ago (there is no Pimkie store in Serbia yet). The bag came with Grazia magazine as a gift last month. I wore my Don Juan red nail polish because I love the combination of red and grey. 

Accessories of the day
I know it might be confusing for some of you beacuse I'm writing in two languages but I decided to write outfit posts in English and the rest (book reviews and some reports) in Serbian. Hope you don't mind.
Lots of good vibe sprinkles!


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