The Count of Nuts

 My husband and I went out for dinner last night (and yet again I'm wondering why I can't button up some of my trousers...hmm)
I really hate humid weather because my hair gets all frizzy and curly and puffy even with all hair products I use in tendency to control it. Seems it has a life on its own, so I gave up. Let it be.The good thing is that summer is coming. 
Speaking of the summer, I bought some lovely Fruttini cosmetics, Milky Orange collection that I use every summer. Love that summery, joyful scent. Also bought two Astor Quick 'n go! nail polishes (I think I've just discovered my new obsession. No more nail polishes, I promise. At least not for a month).

Ivory shade (number 200) and Coral Reef ( Kisses from Mexico collection)
These days I'm reading Count of Monte Christo by Alexandre Dumas, which is one of my favourite books ever. Such an interesting and complexed novel about betrayal, revenge and remorse. The best thing is that I finally got my own copy on the Book Fair last year, and bought these 3 books for 1 euro each (in hardcover!). I find amazing the fact that all the great writers cost a lot cheaper than modern wannabe authors. Good for me.

And, for the end, some healthy snacks from my Grandma's garden:


  1. Super kombinacija, farmerke su divne. Bas mi se svidjaju lakici. ;) Ne mogu da verujem da si tako sjajne knjige kupila za tako malo novca.

  2. Mnogo lepe sličice :) a ja obožavam frutini, kakvi mirisi <3

    1. Hvala. Na drugom mestu mi je Fruttini Coco Banana (postoji li taj još, slabo ga viđam u poslednje vreme???)


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