Old town of Kotor

International Workers' Day, May 1st, I've spent in one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited, in Kotor, Montenegro. Wish I could live there, at least for a while. I had a great time wandering its narrow macadam streets, window shopping, eating pizza and making a lot of photos. It reminded me of Venice, which is not surprising since the city has been under Venetian rule for four centuries (from 14th till 18th century)
I already made myself a promise to visit Kotor again in carnival time this summer. 
Enjoy the photos!

All house-facades have to be made of stone

Fun fact: There are tens of cats in Kotor. Meow.
I've visited Kotor lots of times, but each time I get amazed over and over again. 


  1. Wow that is beautiful! I love all the buildings :)

    xo Jennifer


  2. Wow these are such a nice photos. The place looks lovely! X

  3. Kotor je zaista predivan grad a mene su i tvoje slike oduševile :)

  4. Fotografije su predivne! One lutkice su<3
    Moram posetiti Kotor jednom, nisam nikad bila:)

  5. Obsessing over these colors of the buildings. Gorgeous pics!
    You.Are.Loved. xo
    feel free to follow: russellandrose.blogspot.com


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